Warlord Games Ancient British Warriors

Warlord Games Ancient British Warriors

Warlord Games

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This boxed set contains enough plastic and metal parts to make 40 Ancient British Warriors.

With several variants of limed hair and distinctive helmets (ie the 'Waterloo' helmet) and new metal shields including the Battersea-style shield, they cut an impressive and rather worrying-looking bunch! This box set also contains a metal upper torso to allow to you to include a British Chieftain as well as the new carynx and standards. So, whether you are starting a new British army or merely looking to add more character to an existing Celt army these chaps shouldn't be overlooked!

Each boxed set also contains a sheet of our remarkable dry-rub woad transfers and superb, full-colour self-adhesive (not waterslide) shield transfers to bring your models to life!

Miniatures are supplied unassembled and unpainted. Glue and paints sold separately.

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