Terrain Crate Military Compound Set

Terrain Crate Military Compound Set

Mantic Games

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This set contains nearly 200 pieces of modular terrain including 240 Connectors, allowing you to construct a sprawling military base, or many smaller armoured buildings. There are defence lasers, barricades, armour upgrades for walls and some industrial components to add variety to your structures.

This set contains:

4x Urban Sprue 1
1x Urban Sprue 2.1
1x Urban Sprue 2.2
1x Accessories Sprue
4x Fortifications Sprue 5.1
6x Fortifications Sprue 5.2
2x Defence Line Sprue 6.1
2x Defence Line Sprue 6.2
5x Connectors

Supplied unassembled and unpainted.

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