A Song of Ice and Fire Free Folk Trappers

A Song of Ice and Fire Free Folk Trappers


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The Free Folk are a rugged people, not very familiar with any forms of civilization. They aren’t ones to settle down on the land and farm. They get their meals through wits and wile, making traps and snares to hunt prey. On the battlefields, these snares can just as easily cause issues for enemy troops as it can for tonight’s dinner.

The Free Folk Trappers Unit Box gives Free Folk Commanders a new option for their armies. Lightly armed and armored, the Trappers are well-versed at harrying tactics. Able to deal wounds directly to enemy units via their Hidden Traps order, they can greatly disrupt an opponent’s plans. And being insignificant, they aren’t worth victory points when destroyed, allowing Free Folk Commanders to use them more dangerously, without worrying about giving them up to the enemy.

Set Contains 12 figures, 1 unit card and 1 movement tray. Miniatures are supplied unpainted and some assembly may be required.

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